Should I Become a Digital Publicity Specialist? Answer These Insightful Questions and Create a Digital Publicity Specialist Resume

The following questions focus on the core competencies and skills needed for you to become a highly qualified and competitive digital publicity specialist. The questions and answers combined will help you to thoroughly rethink your competency and potential, to optimize your interview strategy, and to create a really good resume and cover letter.

Make sure that you fully understand each question and have satisfactory answers to these questions before you can create a digital publicity specialist resume and apply for digital publicity specialist jobs.

Question 1: Do you have experience in researching trends and articles relating to public relations and social media?

Question 2: Do you have knowledge of and experience in digital PR tactics, media relations and client services?

Question 3: Do you know how to create a solid social media plan with goals, objectives, and tactics?

Question 4: Do you know how to create and launch creative digital campaigns which can spread through the internet?

Question 5: Do you know how to create digital content for building a bridge between business goals and consumer needs and desires?

Question 6: Do you know how to create social media content fast enough to keep up with project demands?

Question 7: Do you know how to ensure social media communications are on-brand, consistent in terms of creativity, style, quality and tone of voice?

Question 8: Do you know how to find and utilize relevant social media?

Question 9: Do you know how to format, draft and write press materials including bios, backgrounders, fact sheets, media advisories and press releases?

Question 10: Do you know how to get more live viewers with trending topics and live videos?

Question 11: Do you know how to incorporate social media monitoring into your overall social strategy and give your brand a competitive advantage?

Question 12: Do you know how to increase user participation and real-time content creation?

Question 13: Do you know how to maintain efficient and effective working relationships with internal and external professionals?

Question 14: Do you know how to plan out workflows for every major social media projects and turn these workflows into reusable checklists?

Question 15: Do you know how to significantly improve the usability of all digital publicity assets?

Question 16: Do you understand the emotional reactions from your audiences on social media websites and how to measure these responses?

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